The Black and Whites of the days

The day was slow as the clouds gathered. We stood on the edge watching the way the sand slowly soaked up the water.


A bit of gray between the waves.  A lot like reading between the lines on a page.


As the day and the photos emerged from the waters edge.  A feeling of emotions mixed like the sand with the water.


We sat on the sand and sunk our hands in what seemed to be quicksand. The coolness under the surface was like sticking your hand in an ice bucket. So different from the soft warm filtered light of that day.



As the day moved on and we encountered some little sand creatures. My son so intently looked at these little sand crabs.  It’s what we call them. Funny, how he always seems to find the smallest of animals to look at.

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The beach was scattered with bright tiny shells, they look a bit like little fingernails painted with a hint of different colors. Light pinks, purples and oranges. These little shells also have some amazing small creatures in them. As the waves bring the water up and then it slowly drifts back, these little creatures dig themselves back into the sand each time.


We watched them for a while. He wondered if the movement of the water made them dig like they do.



The waves were soft on this day, not like most times when a storm is approaching. He played in the water like a little sand crab rolling all around. I’m glad he enjoys the beach as much as I do.

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We played with the darkness of the shadows for some time. Talking about the way you can tell the time by where the shadow falls and also by looking at the placement of the sun in the sky.

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It’s been a very long rainy winter….the warmth of spring is just breaking through…the wonders of the ocean

will come again soon.